Weekly Overview 06.12.18

Outside My Window…   I’m waiting impatiently for my Texas Star hibiscus to bloom. I am thinking…  that I’m out of energy and likely done for the day and it’s only 3:30 in the afternoon!  Currently having another bout with an intestinal bug, plus I had blood drawn this morning – not a good combination for … Read more

Weekly Overview 04.02.18

Outside My Window…   my gardens are shaping up nicely.  The snapdragons that wintered over are looking particularly lovely.  And best of all, my Texas Star hibiscus is finally sending up new green shoots.  I’d been worried that moving it last month might have killed it, but it’s lived up to its description of a “hardy … Read more

Weekly Overview 03.12.18

Outside My Window…  the sun is shining, but it’s oh, so cold!  Wait!  That’s what I wrote on my last “weekly overview” post in early February!  Luckily, we have had warmer weather and spring is definitely in the air.  Our Bradford pear is in full bloom and looks gorgeous! I am thinking…  about all the … Read more