Brown Fire

Living in Arizona is so very exciting! We have another wildfire, dubbed the Brown Fire. It began yesterday afternoon (04/13/2014). I took this yesterday evening, standing just outside my front door looking west. This morning I walked to the main thoroughfare outside of our subdivision and took this picture (6:45 a.m.). And this picture was … Read more

Weekly Overview March 3, 2014

Outside My Window… the Huachuca Mountains have a dusting of snow and spring blossoms are popping open in the neighborhood! I am thinking… scorpions, scorpions, scorpions. I am thankful for… an inch of rain this past Saturday and a very high snow line. From the kitchen… cranberry/chocolate chip muffins were made this morning and are … Read more

Winter Weather

After one of the warmest January’s on record, February has turned much colder. I took this picture late Monday afternoon: We had a scant 1/100th inch of precipitation and the next morning there were low hanging clouds and a dusting of snow on the Huachuca Mountains: Monday’s walk was cut short due to the cold … Read more