Weekly Overview March 3, 2014

Snow on the Huachuca Mountains
Outside My Window… the Huachuca Mountains have a dusting of snow and spring blossoms are popping open in the neighborhood!

I am thinking… scorpions, scorpions, scorpions.

I am thankful for… an inch of rain this past Saturday and a very high snow line.

From the kitchen… cranberry/chocolate chip muffins were made this morning and are as delicious as ever.

I am hoping… the scorpion traps work and I get taxes completed this week.

I am reading… The Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys, An American Saga by Doris Kearns Goodwin.

I am busy creating… Cross Stitching on Liana’s birthday blanket.

I am hearing… Guest Artist Monday on wsmonline.com. Today’s artist is Lera Lynn, whom I’ve never heard before but am enjoying.

Around the house & garden… After discovering another scorpion inside this morning (in the living room again!), I went to Lowe’s and bought a bunch of scorpion traps. Then I spent the rest of the morning vacuuming carpets and then laying out scorpion traps in strategic spots. I bought 25, used them all, and wish I had a few more. I still need to clean up the weeds in the front yard and do some cleaning in the backyard. I was contemplating buying some snapdragons or some other plants this Saturday to put in the backyard, which would give me added incentive to do some clean up back there.

Fionas Letter Box
Fiona’s Letter Box
In other news… I shipped off Fiona’s birthday package this morning, so it should arrive in good time for her birthday on Friday. Included in the package was the Letter Box so Fiona can write letters. I found the perfect box Saturday at Hobby Lobby and added some stickers.

One of my favorite things… giving thoughtful gifts.

Weekly Overview… I began another Monday by battling scorpions. Luckily I had planned to have the car today so I was able to make a quick run to town for battle supplies!

I have Quicken totally up to date, so sometime this week we’ll have to download the TurboTax software and then I can get working on the taxes. That won’t take long – I think last year’s took about 2 hours once I had all the Quicken information current.

I’m still thinking about the cleaning schedule and wondering if one reason that I have not really put pen to paper with it is because I’m just hoping we’ll move before I have time to implement any such schedule!

No appointments this week, although I think I will be making a stop at the chiropractor’s office this afternoon after I pick Bill up from work. We both feel the need for another adjustment.

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