Yarrow is a beautiful perennial plant that attracts pollinators!

I love yarrow (Achillea millefolium).  If I could, I’d have a whole field full of yarrow in all its glorious colors. 

Be aware, though, that yarrow is a super spreader!  I planted some white yarrow in two different areas a few years ago and each year I work at removing new seedlings from the front bed where it threatened to take over.

white yarrow along a fence

I left it in this back fence bed, where I don’t mind so much if it tries to take over.  Also, I’ve learned one way to keep it under control is to clip the blossoms as they begin to die off. This prevents them from going to seed, which means no new plants next year.  So that’s what I’ve done in this back bed the last couple of years.  So far, so good.

red yarrow in a container

Last spring I bought this beautiful red yarrow (Achillea ‘Laura Red’) at our Master Gardener plant sale and put it in this container.  My plan was to brighten up a corner of the yard and at the same time keep the yarrow from spreading.  I really need a larger container, though. I have to water this one daily when the sun is shining.

Do you have a favorite flower?

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