It’s My 60th Birthday…

… and I really want to get back into the habit of blogging regularly.  I miss it.  And so here I go, beginning a new decade the right way, by posting all my fun stuff on the Internet!  LOL

I’ve had fun today.  Presents have come in the mail, including a pink tiara and birthday sash from my cousin Judy.  She requested photos, so here’s a selfie I took.  I’m slowly getting ever so slightly better at taking selfies.

birthday photo with pink tiara
Queen For The Day

This morning I celebrated by getting a haircut, hanging out at Starbucks drinking my birthday chai latte, and then picking up some new plants at Albertson’s, because it just isn’t a birthday without new plants!

kalanchoe and calathea plant collage

I love the bright yellow/orange of the kalanchoe, and when I saw the crazy leaves of the Calathea, I just had to have it.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it!

And, as if it knew it was my birthday, my second streptocarpus bloomed this morning.  Streptocarpus is cousin to an African violet.  On the left is German streptocarpus (or Cape primrose) and on the right is Fleischle Roulette.  I think they are gorgeous.  And tiny!  They are living in the small bathroom Dixie cups!

blossoms of german and fleischle roulette streptocarpus
German streptocarpus(left) and Fleischle Roulette streptocarpus (right)

On my way home this morning I swung into our local Asian Pho restaurant and picked up some Vegetarian Spring rolls for my supper.  The guys are having a treat for supper – lamb & salt potatoes (postponed Easter dinner) – so I thought I’d have a treat also.

Time to go remove that lamb from its marinade! 

Happy birthday to me … Happy birthday to meee …..

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