Just a Moment – Thirty-Eight

A friend asked for more pictures of the Bayless-Selby Historical Museum.  The field of bluebonnets is away to the right of the picture.

The Bayless-Selby Historical Museum and Gardens

My indoor plants are happy – the hibiscus has been blooming the last two weeks and the Christmas cactus looks like it will bloom by Eastertime.  Amazing what a little fertilizer will do!

We went to dinner last night in Denton, which has a very neat town square.  Denton is a college town, rather eclectic, and has a big music scene.  You often see musicians busking on the town square, along with artists & their easels, people picnicking, and lover’s making out.

The old Denton County Courthouse

Isn’t that an awesome building!

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    • Denton became a county in 1846. The courthouse in the picture was built on the highest elevation in the city of Denton and completed in 1897. It is currently being restored inside to its original appearance.


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