Black Belt Tests

Last night our two boys (Charles and David) participated in a friend’s Jujitu Black Belt test. They were two of the three ookies (sp?), the helpers in the test. Charles just did his own jujitsu black belt test about a month ago, with most of the same group of kids participating. Last night’s test resembled a “last man standing” competition, with one ookie gone from injuries, a second somewhat impaired, and blood coming from the nose of the third. I know our two will be moving a bit slower today.

Whenever I see our boys volunteer to help out with a black belt test, I am amazed. They know they are volunteering for a minimum three hours of kicks, rolls, punches, grappling and sparring. They know that in all likelihood someone is going to get hurt (although usually not seriously). And yet they always step up and say yes. What makes someone do that? But then, I’ve never quite understood why they (and our daughter Kat) enjoy karate as much as they do. I’m usually one to avoid doing something that I know could end up being painful!

Karate and Jujitsu have been very positive experiences, though, for all three of our children. It has been one of the few sports that David, the least competitive of the three, has been willing to participate in and has enjoyed. We were all, David included, quite pleased and just a bit surprised when he tested for his Black Belt in Karate last year and passed. It was quite an accomplishment for our non-physical child! Kat has been practicing the moves she remembers from when she took karate/jujitsu to get herself back into pre-pregnancy shape. And, of course, Charles still plans to make martial arts his career in some way. So I guess karate has been a welcome addition to our lives, even though I feel sometimes like I’ve put in way too much seat time in the dojo! But then, I use that for my reading and crocheting time, so I guess that’s a good trade-off.

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