May 2018 Goals Wrap-Up

May was a very busy month, which explains why I only managed three blog posts the whole month.  Hopefully I’ll do better in June!

Even though May was busy, I did manage to keep up with several goals.

Green = Successful, Purple = Partially successful, Red = Not accomplished at all.

  • Keep Quicken caught up for 2018 (huzzah!)
  • Catch up on the housecleaning, including putting away yarn and Christmas boxes in the guest room
  • Order soil/mulch to fill the veggie bed and other beds as needed
  • Plan dates for our trip to NY and possibly combine with a trip to AL/FL
  • Work towards finishing the auction/probate legal stuff on my dad’s estate
  • Complete DCMGA Newsletter for June 1st publication date
  • Continue regular blogging here on Musings, Mischief, and Mayhem
  • Continue walking / exercising
  • 100% ETL and continued weight loss (down 10 pounds since January 1st!!!)
  • Do one picture project
  • Decide on paint color for new inside wall of the bonus room

In addition, I began crocheting an afghan for Fiona’s dog, Blackie (he keeps stealing hers when they are sleeping!), finished the compost bin area flower bed (adding  ore soil, filling in with more plants, and mulching), and just generally spent a lot of time outside with my plants/gardens while it was still relatively cool.  I also attended a multitude of Master Gardener meetings and activities, including the Garden Tour on May 12.  We took friends with us and made a day of it – lots of fun.

Tomorrow I’ll post my June goals.

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