Crochet Update

One thing that has remained constant is that I am still crocheting. I don’t have as much time as I used to for crocheting, but I still always have a project in the works and several in mind. Here are some of the projects that I’ve done over the past year.

I made several hats, scarves, and purses for Miss Wiggles and Miss Munchkin.



hat and matching scarf

Miss Wiggles really likes hats and purses!

Miss Wiggles with new hat and purse
Miss Wiggles with new hat and purse

In April I began working on a wedding gift for my niece, Chelsea. She requested a table runner with an apple theme (not easy to find!). I finished crocheting this in August, and got it blocked and starched in September, just in time to take to NY for the wedding.

apple-themed table runner

This runner was just under 5 feet long.

table runner close up

Here’s a close-up of one end, about 1/3 of the total.

Lately, since finishing the wedding project, I’ve been making pot holders and more hats for Miss Wiggles.

assorted potholders

Some of these were wedding gifts while others I gave away to family in NY.

And more hats, because Miss Wiggles washed her hat one too many times and needed a new one!

hats for Miss Wiggles

The top two are for Miss Wiggles and the bottom two are for her younger cousin. These hats are so much fun to make. I’m going to make a few to try to sell for Christmas gifts.

And then I will have to get working on my brother’s wedding gift. Roger and his new wife Nancy also requested a table runner. I have the pattern; I just need to spend some time with a couple of different threads to see which is going to work up best. I’ll post my progress on that when I finally get it started.

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  1. Those are great projects. Those hats are so cute! Have you seen the crocheted panama hats? I guess the main difference in those and what you made is a bit more of a brim? Beautiful work!


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