3 Quick Thoughts on Saturday, March 8, 2014

  • This weekend’s plans include grocery shopping on Saturday, dinner out with friends on Sunday and then back to their house to play cards, and taping the NASCAR race in Las Vegas. Oh, and more cross stitching!
  • I accomplished a lot early in the week, cleaning up the back patio, pulling some weeds in the yard and cleaning out last year’s dead plants from some containers. I repotted a few African violets and cleaned the garage, looking for scorpions and laying down many more sticky pads. No taxes were done, although bills were paid on Friday. Taxes will be next week.
  • Speaking of African violets, I need to remember to purchase some more potting soil tomorrow while I’m running errands. I have several more plants that need splitting and repotting. Anyone want some African violets? I don’t know what I’m going to do with all that I split … maybe I will have to offer them to the first takers online!

What will you do be doing this weekend?

1 thought on “3 Quick Thoughts on Saturday, March 8, 2014”

  1. I love African violets! I think the last one I had went a bit dry, then got watered and stood in water. It didn’t have a chance. The ones I had before accidentally got sat on, got a box fan knocked over on them, and were dumped several times. The joys of raising children, not flowers. 😉
    Way to go on all of your accomplishments!


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